Experimental Art

Unusual art can be called:

  • Innovative

Can be experienced everywhere. In 1999, the film The Matrix was very pmaxresdefault-4opular as the audience was exposed to ideas and techniques not seen before. To be innovative means “to introduce something new” and to make changes in anything established.  One can also do unfamiliar things with something familiar. For example after The Matrix got out people got tired of other films trying to imitate it. Harry Potter novels are quite innovative nut not experimental as innovation is not necessarily bound with experimental.

  • Avant-Garde

1863 – Manet submits “The Luncheon on the Grass” to the Paris Salon exhibition. It was rejected with man other paintings after that. Other artists joined Manet in one group, starting to form their own exhibition. They were called the Impressionists. By 1880s, this group became popular in Parisian art; the avant-garde of painting. The essay, “The artist, the scientist and the industrialist” mention the artists as the advance guard which means that a work of art first comes rejected and eventually becomes accepted by society.

Considering serial music, it was popular at that time but by those who love music theory and not with the general public.  It was experimental but not successful avant-garde.

  • Experimental

Art is the dominant, the artistic element that the artist values over all others. Experimentalists break with the past.


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